Local Winery Invests In Future Generations


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This summer, four students from the University of Oregon are getting firsthand experience studying wine marketing by working with Bindi Sergardi winery in Siena. The population of wine consumers is shifting towards the younger generation. The students’ input will provide valuable insight into the broadening interest in wine by the millennial generation.

“Working with Bindi Sergardi has opened my eyes to the wine industry in Tuscany and the complexity of producing an exceptional wine,” commented Matthew St Clair, a third year marketing major.

Throughout this intensive six-week program, the students are spending their days learning about the local wine industry as well as global trends. They will then use this information to develop an all-inclusive marketing plan that incorporates how the growing interest in wine among the younger generation can be capitalized.

Third year business major, Jade Walker explained, “this experience has been the most impactful of my college career because it ties us to a real winery where our efforts can actually make a difference.”

The real test of their exchange program will come when they present their final proposal to the marketing director and receive feedback.

When asked about the final presentation, Giulia Bernini, Bindi Sergardi’s marketing director, replied, “We are excited to see what the students develop because they are the future of our industry, and we want to see what aspects of wine appeal to them.”

As the up-and-coming generation gains more buying power, wineries will have to learn to adapt to the change in consumer preferences. As for Bindi Sergardi, they have already popped the cork on this opportunity.