Harry Potter’s magic behind Discovering Siena

La Divina Bellezza Discovering Siena


While after 14 years from her first book, J.K Rowling could be thinking to a Harry Potter sequel, Charles Darby, the saga’s art director and a matt painting’s specialist (as in Titanic and Matrix) he is taking on a new collaboration with Romain Sabella for the visual direction of a great project: La Divina Bellezza –Discovering Siena.

This is what Alfredo Accatino wanted, creative director of Filmmaster Events and project creator with the Siena’s Opera della Metropolitana and Opera Gruppo Civita, both part of the Italian Entertainment Network, in partnership with the Town Council.

There is great anticipation for tonight’s event, Italy’s first time for such event, a project with an international appeal that will discover Siena and Duomo’s beauties, honouring the spirit of an entire city. A show in the show that from the 24th of July until the 30th of September will celebrate Duomo’s ancient glory, an emotional journey through the myth and the beauty.

La Divina Bellezza – Discovering Siena is a visual experience in 5 acts that will rediscover the history of a unique place in the world, recalling Duomo and Duomo Nuovo’s great history, an exclusive chance to experience the whole city in its culture and people. An event that wants to obtain a unique Art’s spectacularisation to transmit values and historical remembrance that embrace a worldwide trend: to reconsider our monuments to deeply appreciate our story and our identity.
An emotional mix of visual poetry and narrative, created for an international audience that will have one more reason to stay in Siena. The show is scheduled from July until September, in various languages, with two projections per night, after the sunset. Beyond the amazing artistic and cultural value, the wished outcome is to support considerably the tourism around the city as well as being a way to incentivize a greater interest in Siena’s museums, for which will be activated different co-marketing operations.

To anticipate tonight’s great event, the Accademia Chigiana will represents a guitar and flute duo ‘Cordas et bentu’, composed by Francesca Appeddu and Maria Giovanna Luciani, currently learners at the Oscar Ghiglia’s guitars perfection course.