Discovering Siena – Italy’s first time

Discovering Siena

It is not just the famous horse race, il Palio, that makes Siena an incredible place.
The city is a perfect combination of beauty and history, with a cultural and architectural heritage like few other places in the world. All this condensed in an approachable, livable city that sometimes becomes the scenario of international events as the next Friday, the 24th of July where Siena will be the first Italian city to experiment a new technological language to communicate this cultural initiative that will promote the beautiful Duomo. ‘Divina Bellezza – Discovering Siena’ is a 3D video mapping projected on the Duomo’s façade, that will bring Siena and Duomo’s history alive, in a fascinating trip thought the myth and the beauty of our history, to deeply appreciate Italian identity. This event will be supported by cutting-edge technology that will project images of more than 6 millions megapixels on a surface of 800 mq.
Siena, as Paris in the ‘Le nuit aux Invalides’ – as well as in the Palais des Papes in Avignon, in Wilanow in Warsaw and in Osaka, in one of the most famous castle in Japan. An incredible opportunity offered by the ‘Opera della Metropolitana’, the Town Council in partnership with Filmmaster Events and the ‘Opera Gruppo Civita’ that are part of IEN – Italian Entertainment Network.
The ‘Divina Bellezza – Discovering Siena’ is a visual experience in 5 acts that will go over the history of a unique place in the world, a unique chance to know Duomo’s and Duomo Nuovo’s history, to delve into Siena’s story, culture and heritage that involves residents and tourists, in an exciting show that can’t be missed.
The show is scheduled everyday from July until September, in various languages, with two projections per night, after the sunset.
Siena’s Duomo, Jacopo della Quercia square